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    Leland Davis

    Assuming some rain falls tonight, anyone want to meet me for a quick run on the Saint tomorrow morning around 8 or 9?

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    Wow!! Hi Leland! Damn, I would have gladly joined you today. Pretty bummed that the rain didn’t happen. All kinds of warnings about flooding and everything. Oh well! Guess I’ll go riding instead.

    Eric Roush

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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>It was great boating with you yesterday AM!!</p>

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      Hey Di, I was curious what the level was when you and Leland ran the Saint? If I knew folks were going to be there even without the rain I would have driven down.

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    Freddie Carter

    That there Leland Davis feller is a Top Pro ! Whatcha doin on my Home River ? Passin through for FibArk ? I would love to host you 2 down here in the Dominican Republic some winter ! Team Pyranha has been here several times, Eli and others. You have a reserved suite 100 yards from the T/O. Talk with Adam Goshorn. I miss the Saint and many other home rivers, but I don’t have anything warmer than a Hydroskin long. Diane the perfect Saint Ambassador ! Have a fun summer. I have a Burn III  XL. and Machno L  to loan !

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