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    Thank you for your donation to the MUCK Club. We will be using  it to purchase skirts, paddles and float bags for the club boats. We so appreciate your support! I am currently working on a whitewater race pictorial wall hanging to raffle at the races this year to help raise money for additional equipment. There is a lot more needed to help rebuild clubs basic equipment needs. The University  will match some of the funds raised  for the club. Again thank you so much! We will see you on the river!

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    Marat Musin

    Hi, I am Marat Musin, president of the MUCK. Thank you so much for your donation! Our club has a long history and at got lots of gear in the past, but now most of it is too old and not suitable for a real whitewater.

    Your donation will help us to buy new paddle, skirt and several floating bags that we really need so much.

    Thank you once again and as Julia said – see you on the river!

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    Ashutosh Dahal

    Hi!  I am Ashutosh Dahal, vice-president of the MUCK. I would like to thank everyone from MWA for helping with the funds which will be used to buy the equipment we so desperately need; skirt, float bags, paddle etc. It has always been a pleasure to paddle the Saint with MWA members and the MWA Clinic 2016 has been a great opportunity for MUCK members to develop their paddling skills. We will definitely try to be at the MWA annual race and clinic this year. And will always try to be on the river when its flowing!!!



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