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    Freddie Carter

    Ahh, the good ole Tellico… there is one US river I truly miss ! Ehh Donaldo, Nancy, Byron, Mikey, Slim, Bilbo, Charles, Mike V, Eric and Tracy, Chuck n Di, Gootch, ChrisKelly,Chris Matsuno, John Foster, Bling,  Lil Kuthe and Uncle John (who got that Lad to the rivers regularly) Jason (s), The always presnt, and dearly departed Jimmy, Bob Larson , Bonnie n Gordo ( Taught soo many an fed em too. Hammerhead, Cap’NJeff, Dave TRS ,Fireman Larry my rowdy lil Buddy ! Jim Warren, Crazee Jerry, Clan Serfas, Eli H.,Trask Bros. And Fez. The Wonderful Holdmeiers, Coach an “Lil Holdmeier”… Michelle and Dennis…. and my dear Friends The “Perfesser” and Mom Tansil. I miss all ya’ll often.  I’ve got a story on all yuzz..  Our paths will cross again. Loads of paddling adventures. Love and miss all of you ! I did not put all those large images in there !🇩🇴

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    Ay, ‘mano, you are correct…  Probably more stories from a couple handfuls of Tellico trips than from all those countless Ocoee trips combined!  All great memories, on and off the river…  Mikey and the Royal Leprechaun.  Team Throw S#!t.  BOB (aka Bounce Off Boulder).  Turtletown (?!?)  Even that one involving me and a swarm of angry bees.  Many more…  We all got stories on yuzz, too!  Sure we will cross paths again for more paddling adventures, hopefully sooner rather than later!

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    Freddie Carter

    Oh Donaldo …. the friggin killer Bees ! Mildly funny now, not so much then ! You rolled and they went into your helmet. …. you were a bumpy mess ! With all of us paddling away in fear !! Never did figure out why they went after you en masse… too much sunscreen ? Bees don’t like Mimes !! 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

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