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    Ok guys

    As you all know my channel has alot of crazy video’s of things.. well it has paid off!! I have been sponsored by a ROV submarine company from Canada called deep trekker. Im wondering how deep is the dam breach would it be worth my time driving over there and trying to recover lost items there? With that being said has anyone lost anything off the dam cause I will be going there and searching if its deep enough.. all items I find I will leave with campground jim!! also if people are interested I will also be doing livestream video’s to where you can actually tell me where to go when im operating it… it should be a great time! Here is a picture of the remote controlled submarine with grabber arm it can recover up to 50lbs to get an update on when my livestream is going to be my channel is subscribe and hit the bell to get notification thanks guys!


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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 6 months ago by  jacobsviper.

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