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    jon serfas

    Annual MWA Club Picnic, September 8-10, 2017

    Dreyland Camp, Timber, MO

    The weekend I wait for all year. Please join your extended Paddling Family for a wonderful weekend of boating, campfires, BBQ and Old/New friends.

    We are fortunate to again, have the Dreyland Camp on Sinking Creek, courtesy of John Burroughs School. The camp is located near Eminence, close to the Current River, Jacks Fork and beautiful Sinking Creek. The camp is a group of bunkhouses, a showerhouse and restroom, and a main dinning lodge. The Bunkhouses sleep 4-8, depending on how close you like to get. Mattresses are available for all bunks. Bring bedding, sleeping bags or blankets. They do not have electricity. Lanterns and flashlights are good items to bring. There is room for tent campers if you would prefer to sleep in your own tent. The Shower house has hot water, electricity and flush toilets. The Dinning Lodge has an institutional grade kitchen with refrigeration/freezer and seating for all us.

    The Schedule: The Serfas Family will arrive on Friday, the 8th, in the early afternoon, to open the Camp. most folks arrive Friday afternoon/evening and enjoy sitting around the campfire.

    Saturday begins with a lot milling about. This is a time honored MWA tradition, and therefore should not be discouraged or complained about…Until about 10:30ish a.m. By that time, we should have a consensus on where most people are going to paddle, how they’re going to get there and back, etc. PLEASE DO NOT email me, ask me or otherwise try to get me to commit, in any way, to where we will be paddling prior to 10:30ish a.m. on Saturday, the 9th of September. I find it negates the joy I get from the milling about portion of the trip and is generally meaningless, anyway. BBQ will be served Saturday evening, usually around 6:30ish. A keg of good beer usually shows up. Please bring a side dish to share and whatever else you want for the weekend in terms of food and drinks.

    Sunday morning we all pitch in to clean up camp. There are usually a few folks ready to float on Sunday, as well.

    The Cost: Nothing! This is a benefit of your MWA Membership. If you are not a member, have let it lapse or have just forgotten, you can become a member for the low cost of $15 for an individual or $30 for a family. We will be able to make that happen at the picnic. Don’t let your lapsed dues keep you from coming to paddle with your friends! The Weekend is worth every bit of $15. Call your boating friends that never seem to show at the picnic and tell them to come. Not to be a bummer but there are a couple people I wish I could try to talk in to coming to the picnic, this year, and that chance is gone for good. Life is short. Too short for some. My MWA picnic memories are some of my favorites because they were shared with all of you. Sorry, back to fun and games.

    What to Bring: Flashlights/Lanterns, Food and Drinks, Boats and Gear, Sleeping Bags, Fishing Gear, Tent if you want it, Side Dish(es) to Share on Saturday Night.

    Extra Stuff: Dogs are allowed, as long as they are well behaved and get along with other dogs. Please be in charge of your dog. That goes for my wife, as well.

    Please help us stay in good standing with John Burroughs. Respect this beautiful place by leaving it tidier than you found it. Cabins need to be emptied and clean when you leave them. All the supplies necessary are there.

    If you can’t arrive until Saturday and intend to float with the group, try to be at camp by 10 a.m. at the latest.

    Directions are available by emailing me at mailto:[email protected] Please do not post directions on the internet.

    Volunteer Requests: Would anyone like to volunteer to bring 1.) Paper Towels and TP, 2.) Procure the Keg and 3.) Organize and Run the Scavenger Hunt? The club will pay for the expense of these items.

    I think them is the basics. I fell more relaxed just writing this. Can’t wait! Email with questions or for directions.

    Jon Serfas

    Your Friendly, Neighborhood Picnic Director

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    jon serfas


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    Linda Tansil

    Come see me Saturday morning to get your scavenger hunt list. There will be at least two age groups so adults don’t get embarrassed at being beat by kids.


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    a great time was had by all.  Thanks to Jon Serfas for coordinating the picnic for the 8th year in a row.  Thanks to John Burroughs & Michael Dee for letting us use the great facility.  Thanks to Linda Tansil for again hosting the scavenger hunt.  Thanks to all who came to make it a terrific weekend, float, & campout.

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    PS – my apologies for accidentally picking up someone’s nearly full decaf ground coffee…  I can save it & bring it next year!

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    Great time!  Thanks for everyone who made this such a wonderful event!   I wondered if anyone who did the Akers to Pulltite float picked up a right handed conto Bester We’re Powerhouse kayak paddle?  We left one at the take-out  ; (!

    ?  Di McHenry

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    We also had a Lost and Found.   Got home and Jace was missing his glasses.  If anyone happened to find a pair laying around, please let me know.  I know it’s a crapshoot!


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    Jon,  Sorry I missed it.  Always a fun time.  Just have to know how it went being in charge of your wife?

    Extra Stuff: Dogs are allowed, as long as they are well behaved and get along with other dogs. Please be in charge of your dog. That goes for my wife, as well.”


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    jon serfas

    Thanks, Everyone! What a nice weekend. I had a great time. Hope you all did , as well.

    I ended up with a turquoise kid size sweatshirt but no glasses. the sweatshirt belongs to Di’s granddaughter, i’ll bet.

    Coach- we missed you.

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