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      Missouri Whitewater Association General Meeting, July 11, 2023, 7:00pm-8:10pm

      Main Topic: Discuss open board positions & nominations for 2024 board members.
      Current Board
      President: Aldara Henderson
      Vice President: Mark Hromnak
      Treasurer: Steve Janney
      Secretary: Katie Leeker
      -Who votes? Current MWA members
      -How should voting be set up? Electronic (E-mails), paper
      • With electronic, if using the membership list, regarding family memberships: Make sure each person in the family has a vote.
      MWA will send out a description of what each board position does: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary.
      -The board helps to make decisions. If you wish to have input on things in the MWA, being a board member can give you a voice & opportunity to see your ideas through.
      Open Positions: President & Treasurer
      Returning Positions: Vice President & Secretary
      -There will be 2 weeks 7/11/2023-7/25/2023 to make nominations for board members. Each of the 4 board positions are going to be up for a vote. Nominations can be made for any of the 4 positions.
      -Casara reviewed the description of the president in the bylaws: President should be a liaison of the MWA. The face of the organization. Someone who paddles in different places and makes connections with other groups/paddlers. She nominated Mike L. based on that description.
      -JoJo, Mike L. & Kyle Bales were nominated as potential MWA president, along with a few others mentioned but not discussed. Jojo has accepted her nomination for president. Mike L. declined his nomination as president but will take it into consideration for the future and will remain race director for now. Kyle Bales (Nominated by Matt Ellis) wasn’t at this meeting, and someone will reach out to him to see if he accepts the nomination.
      -Jim Warren was nominated for Treasurer, DID HE ACCEPT???? If Jim does become the treasurer, it was suggested that he has a co-treasurer in order to pass down the knowledge.
      -JoJo thanked the outgoing president and treasurer for stepping up and doing the job.

      Treasurer Report: Steve Janney (He gave amounts in each account)
      People who are eligible for reimbursement for trainings, etc… need to request them in a timely manner.

      Membership: Willow Ellis is monitoring & plans to keep up with it for the year. It wasn’t discussed if Willow will continue this position for 2024, so that will have to be a topic for the next meeting.

      Training: Jojo new gear needed for MWA rental
      -Linda Konkel will be the point person for the boat/gear rental process for the MWA
      -Moving water practice is going well, good attendance and instructors/safety
      -MWA needs to reach out to those who taught previous classes, to see if they want to do it again this coming year. This will enable them to schedule and plan for 2024. Maybe put out a survey for what training people are interested in to get an idea of attendance numbers and topics.

      Technology: Casara
      The technology crew started off strong at the beginning of the year, but some of the awesome plans haven’t happened yet because people are busy with work and life. Casara is going to re-energize the tech crew to get some of the plans rolling.
      -Casara will need help in January & Feb due to it being a busy time for her personally and with the MWA
      -Sally & Casara worked on the newsletter and put it out a few times, but they are too busy to keep it going. MWA is looking for someone who can champion the newsletter for next year.

      Perry Whittaker said he’s getting a shipment of large waterproof suitcase type storage containers. He asked if the MWA would like some and we said yes. Aldara will let him know the MWA wants them.

      Dan Prater popped in on meeting to say hi and he’s on an awesome trip doing Western Week of Rivers (self-titled event, not an official event). Maybe make it an MWA event in the future?
      Week of Rivers: Willow said it was awesome and highly recommends people go next year.

      Conservation: Jeff Clawges
      MWA Operation Clean Stream happening August 26, 2023. Let Jeff know your T-shirt size if you’re going.
      -Water quality monitoring training online available. A few MWA are going to do training (Jeff C. & Katie Leeker).
      -Continue working with forest service for stewardship of the forest/conservation areas…..

      Race Committee: Mike Leininger
      Mike went to a few races outside of MO and gave an overview of his experience with them.
      -MWA races need more people involved with the scoring in order for the experience/knowledge to be shared because it’s usually the same people scoring each year. We need to make sure other people know how to do it.
      -Need to get the judges training video made (work with:

      MWA Picnic: Slim (AKA: Kevin Olson?)
      Need to finalize/share details on float, camp, meal plan.
      -Current River float. Camping at Akers Ferry
      -Need to get info out in the next week or 2 so people can plan.

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