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    This week I sent an email to the USGS folks about the un-working Roselle gage.  In their response, they noted that the Roselle gage is “owned and operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Louis District”, and that the COE folks do the repairs & maintain the data quality assurance/quality control.  While the USGS has been hosting the gage, they said they were planning on “removing it in the very near future.”  Apparently, that future is now?

    The data and charts are still accessible on the COE website at   This link works, but in my opinion it does not load as fast as the USGS page.  In fact, it usually takes a minute or two, if I haven’t checked it for awhile.

    COE Roselle gage

    I didn’t get any rationale for the change, but will try to find out additional info.

    On the good side, the COE page does show both the river level and the precip level on one page.  It would be nice if it showed the date & time, clearly, of the chart (for those of us who sometimes keep track of that data).  Perhaps we can get that added…

    All the other USGS gages shown on the MWA Resources page seem to be working.  At the moment.

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    Casara Heaton

    Where is the announcement? You have a web service and just turn it off?  I found an announcement that talked about changes coming to the web service, but nothing specific to turning off certain ones.

    Do we need to gather a petition and send to USGS?
    If they look, they could see we grab Roselle’s values every hour and have been for years.

    If USGS has truly stopped hosting the gauge then, ideally, we find a way to get the values from COE so we can build a new gauge.


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    This is very disappointing news.

    However, to see date, time, and level there are a few options on the COE page.

    1) You probably already noticed.  If you hold (hover) your cursor over the blue line it displays date, time, and gauge reading in a small popup box.  (At least it does using Chrome on a PC.)

    2) This page

    a) Lets you choose how many days data to display (but the only options are 1, 3, 7, 14, or 31 days)

    b) Lets you choose whether to plot a graph or display the data in a table

    c) Has a link to download the data

    The USGS page was much better.

    Does anyone have any other contacts at USGS that we might be able to talk to about the situation?  Is there an email address we can bombard (or petition, as Casara suggested)?  I think it would be appropriate for whoever is responsible for the change to know how many people are disappointed with it.

    Also, it seems there is no longer a way to get text notifications with the river level via the USGS WaterAlert system.  For a year or so I’ve had a “subscription” set up to receive a text message with the river level if the gauge reading was above 3.0.  This morning I received a text message saying the subscription was cancelled, and that “USGS stream gauge 07034000 has been discontinued.”

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    I find it interesting that they chose to drop what is probably the most used gauge in their whole arsenal. I’d be willing to bet that if anyone looked at the number of hits on their links, that the Roselle gauge and secondarily those around it, have more hits than any other.

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      You’re wanting to apply logic to the government’s decisions?!

      Things like science and math have no place in our government, we go off emotions baby, ‘Merica!

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