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    We are attending GAF for the first time this year and wanted to get an idea what the whole experience is like. I am also hoping to get a new-to-me boat while there and was curious if they typically have a pretty good spread of options.

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    GAF is one of the most fun, well organized kayaking events I have attended.    There is an energy found in the Nantahala Gorge that cannot be beat.

    Boats are for sale everywhere;  Although, I do believe the “deals” offered by NOC are not as great as they once were….None the less, a great opportunity to pick up some new plastic.

    If you are camping, I recommend getting down in the area early.   I typically camp up on the Cascades forest service road;  It is as close to “primitive camping” as you will find in the gorge, but only a handful of spots up there for the pickings.

    I know myself, and likely MANY other MWA paddlers will be out there this go around!

    Hope you make it down to experience it!

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    GAF is a great time.  We usually try to run something nearby, if there is water, on Friday.  Past years at GAF we’ve been able to catch the Chatooga, Nolichucky, and French Broad.  If no water (and it’s pretty dry down there they say), we do the Nantahala.  In recent years, they have the Upper Nantahala running on Saturday & Sunday, usually at a different level.  It’s a much faster run, more advanced than the lower Nantahala.  (The Cascades, above the “Upper” section also runs, but that’s just crazy-talk.)  Many of us run the Upper, and then meet folks to finish on the Lower.  Some enthusiastic folks do laps on the Upper.  The last two years, with good guidance, we’ve run the Ocoee on Sunday.

    BUNKHOUSE SITUATION:  we were late getting bunkhouse reservations this year.

    FRIDAY 23 SEPT:  1 2-person bunkhouse + 1 4-person bunkhouse + 1 6-person bunkhouse [NEW 7/21] – total 12

    SATURDAY 24 SEPT:  the above 2 & 4 person bunkhouses, plus 2 more 4-person bunkhouses – total 14

    I’ve requested they book us for any cancellations on Friday night, but that may be unlikely.  There are still a couple of 4-person bunkhouses available on Saturday.  If we have demand for more, I’ll try to grab them.

    There is camping around, including very close by at Lost Mine Campground.

    COST is $20 per night per bunk.  I will start a list of people who are interested in the available slots and a waitlist for slots that may come available.  Tell me if you want a Saturday slot even without a Friday slot.  POST HERE, and/or send me email at “membership at”

    Checks made payable to Missouri Whitewater Association for $20 for one night, $40 for two nights, per person.  If you are not an ACA member, please include an additional $5 for the ACA event fee.  Send checks to:

    GAF COORDINATOR, Missouri Whitewater Assoc., PO Box 300099, St. Louis, MO 63130

    FIRST PRIORITY will be given to MWA members (because this is an MWA-sponsored, ACA-sanctioned trip, and MWA foots the bill for any late, unpaid cancellations, this website & this forum!), followed by anyone else in the community who sends in their check.  First come, first serve.

    CABIN?:  We have an option (at the moment) to get a large Cabin, but it’s much more expensive per person.  Based on past responses about even the bunkhouse cost, I doubt we’d have enough to rent a Cabin.  It would be approximately $55 per night, per person, and we’d need 16 people to confirm & pay that price to commit for a cabin.  Let me know if you are interested in that.

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    Thanks for the input. We are hoping to get there sometime thursday evening and do the lower nantahala friday, the upper on saturday and still unsure about sunday. I went ahead and booked us a hotel room for the weekend in Bryson. Looking forward to experiencing something outside of Missouri.

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    If I’m the first to reply can you put me and my gf in the 2 person bunk for Fri and Sat? If it’s not available, then put us in the 4 person please. I’ll email you too. Thanks

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    John Tansil

    Put me and another person in the 4 person bunkhouse for Friday and Saturday.  I’ll put a check for $80 in mail.  Thanks!

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    Got you John & Dan.

    We have 6 in the bunkhouses for Friday (and Saturday).  Jim Warren, Sally Haywood, DaggerDan & gf, John Tansil & another person to be named later

    Still hoping for more bunks for Friday night.  We have more bunks on Saturday that we can fill.  Keep ’em coming.


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      GAF is filling up quick this year. Put Bob and “Shirtdana” Henderson down for Fri & Sat. Is there room available for Fri? Let me know and I’ll send a check.

      georgieporgie – I agree the deals aren’t quite what they used to be but don’t forget to check out the oufitter’s store for bargains. Sometimes you can pick up a new item for slightly more than used gear at the swap meet. I was lucky and got a new Werner paddle for less than was being asked at the swap meet.

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      I’ll mail my $80 tomorrow.

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    GOOD NEWS!  We got another bunkhouse for Friday, a 6 person.  I snapped it up, in case no other ones opened.  So I’ve got Bob & Shirtdana down for FRI & SAT.  So send in your check!

    The 6 person isn’t open on Sat, so folks will have to shift.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

    We have 8 on the list now.

    4 more slots open for Friday, 6 for Saturday (can still get another 4-person for Saturday if needed, but that option may not last long)

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    Just checking to see if there are any bunk spots left for Saturday 9/24 ?

    Thanks, Kelly

    FYI;  I tried sending you an email at, [email protected], but kept getting an error.  Do I have the correct email?

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    I sent a check to the above address with $40 for Sat and Sun bunkhouse. Thanks, -Mike Mandl

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    Kelly & Mike – I have you down on the bunk list.  Kelly for Saturday, Mike for FRIDAY & SATURDAY (I think your note about Sat & Sun was a typo).  I’ll look for the check in the PO Box.

    I plan to wrap up the reservation list by next week, after the picnic.  I will post one more “last chance” posting, probably tomorrow.

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    Any ideas on what we could paddle Friday 9/23? Mariah and I will be staying in Cleveland Thursday night and driving towards NOC Friday morning unless there is something else to do.

    Is everyone planning on the Ocoee on the way back home Sunday?

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    Matt Bliss

    I’ll be staying at a cabin close to the river with a few friends. Definitely want to paddle with you guys. As for Sunday, I’m thinking about a couple laps on the upper and maybe checking out the cascades- given the fact there’s more opportunities to paddle the Ocoee versus upper Nanty runs.

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    was planning to look at rivers at the beginning of next week, to see if anything is running.  Big storm off the GA-SC coast now, but not sure if any rain will make its way to TN-NC.

    In the past we’ve been able to catch Nolichucky & French Broad on Friday.

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