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    Hi, everyone!

    Another enthusiastic bunch has registered for our 2019 Annual Whitewater Clinic.   This involves 16 instructors, 25 safety boaters, 6 administrators and 80 students. This brings quite a boost to the area economy.  Thank you all for reaching out to bring up the next generation of paddlers. Without the contribution of the instructors and safety boaters paddling in Missouri would be hard to attain for many people.  The students are the heartbeat of the Missouri paddling community.  Let’s show them a good time!


    Bring your rain gear! Rain is in the forecast.  The river is forecast to be high.  Maybe think of some alternate rivers to paddle.  I will bring many spare boats in case the students’ boats are not perfect.

    There will be 2 registration lines a-l and m thru z.  Frank and Ellen will be there to help us out with that.  Thanks Frank and Ellen!

    Thank you ALL,




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