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    Still clinging to every chance to have a clinic in 2020…
    <p style=”text-align: center;”>We have had to change the date to June 6,7.</p>
    Yes, I know the water may be low… Let us not complain…just enjoy the cards that are dealt to us.
    <p style=”text-align: center;”>At least it will be warm. </p>
    I have emailed all students and instructors to see if they are still able to participate.

    I have not yet emailed previously declined instructors for the April Clinic or safety boaters…that email is on the way.  I needed to space out these emails for my own sanity.

    If you have not gotten an email notification from me please check your spam folder.  Basically it just asks if you still can make the June date.

    So far the students are gung ho for the June “CoronaClinic” and I have heard from a total of 3 instructors!!  Cmon!

    It is still way early to tell if June can happen…and to be honest…June may be optimistic.  But that is my middle name.

    I am looking forward to getting you all on the river for this clinic.



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