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      Final details are all done for the MWA 2022 Whitewater Clinic on the St. Francis River…Until something changes.

      This year, same as most years, has had an onslaught of surprises creating havoc with the spreadsheet. As if my lousy rural internet isn’t enough challenge, my server holds onto messages then sends out multiple, my software confuses me and I call the wrong safety boater and cancel a student’s registration by accident and one instructor can’t make it…but another can. Shall I mention the ‘ol “I forgot to sign up my kids” line?? Followed by another email saying “I forgot to sign up my kid… AND ME!” Holy cow, if I didnt love y’all so much I’d poke holes in your flotation bags.

      If you are an instructor and you haven’t received your group assignment at least 3 times now, please let me know. I sent them out an hour ago. If you are a safety boater I have assignments and will email them out as soon as I figure out how to get the software to do it. Web Mama!! I love the software…I just don’t know how to use it.

      A big two thumbs up the the overworked and underpaid Casara who takes care of all things web. And to Jim who reviews the registrations for accuracy. And to John, Mark, and Casara for helping group students with instructors.

      We are ready for a great weekend in 85 degree air and Plus Zero water. I am so looking forward to this!


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