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    While a shrewd observation, it hardly matters, since the windmill on the Bevo Mill is purely decorative and not functional at all! 😉

    And when I retire and can afford a Tesla Model 3 like my nephew Paul has with it’s 300mile range, I may get back on the Saint! But since my Nissan Leaf with it’s license plates INF-MPG only has an 80 mile or so range, it’s main claims to fame is requiring ZERO gasoline and needed hardly ANY maintenance! 🙂

    Imagine the $$ I save my NOT feeding my $$ into the Petroleum Funds! I did enough of that with my 1985 3/4 ton Suburban with it’s 11mpg! 🙁 Never Again will I buy gasoline! Yay! Imagine the $$ I save.

    John Kuthe…

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