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    The 2017 race committee met this week to discuss the race, and the feedback received from racers & volunteers.

    The Friday downriver & party was enthusiastically received by the paddling community, and we are recommending doing it again next year.  We recommended finding a different food vendor for the Friday night gig.

    The Thursday setup worked well for the 50th, but there is no guarantee it will get that much future support – and it didn’t lead to much to do on Friday.  Something for the 2018 race committee to consider.

    Since things went so smoothly, a suggestion was made to move the BoaterCross from Sunday am to Saturday after Slalom racing is over.  Then it could have more spectators.  2018 Race committee can decided on that.

    A suggestion was made to reward the Race Ops volunteers with t-shirts, as was done this year for judging and safety (although there needs to be a limitation on how many are involved, and what constitutes earning a shirt).  Issue for the 2018 race committee to determine.

    Several recommendations were made regarding classes, medals, volunteer giveaway, and other details.  As with most elements of the race, the Race Committee will make those decisions based on who is involved, and how many resources (usually interested people) they have to implement their plan.

    The campground reservations for the group site for setup & race weekend, plus the pavilion for Friday night, have already been made for 2018.   Setup 10 March, race weekend 16-17-18 March 2018.

    It’s your race – if you want to help make the 2018 Missouri Whitewater Championships a success, start thinking about getting involved NOW!  There will be plenty to do, and some things (like solicitation of volunteer giveaway items) needs to start in the Fall, months before the race.  Email your interest to: [email protected]

    Thanks to all the racers, safety team, judges, race ops volunteers, and the 2017 50th annual race committee for a great race this year.

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    One important recommendation came up that can be implemented by the MWA Board:  Safety Team Leader Ty Tuff recommended that we form an MWA Safety Committee, so we can make Safety a year-round effort, rather than just trying to find 2 dozen folks for the March Race.  The committee would be charged with identifying our safety training needs, identifying existing paddlers with Safety training, training new folks in Swift Water Rescue, CPR, etc., and training motivated folks to the higher levels where they can be trainers themselves.

    FYI the MWA By-laws, and the original Arnold Whitewater Association by-laws from which they were modeled [copied], includes a Safety Committee as a standing committee of the organization, with the same goals in mind.

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