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Michelle Jones
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Thanks for sharing the pics!!

We had a great day too, except for our run through the end of Cat’s Paw!  Your pics made our “Oh Shit” moment look like we intentionally went the straight route through Cat’s Paw when it was actually at least plan d.  We’d had a “Blast” surfing the wave at the top of Cat’s Paw.  From the middle eddy we’d decided to do the ferry route to avoid scrapping over rocks at the bottom running the straight route .  What we both thought was a simple ferry went south quickly.

We knew after we’d crossed the eddy line we had too much angle on the ferry, we could have just went down the lower shoot but still trying to save some Royalex we tried to turn in the pillow eddy to paddle back upstream but we found ourselves against the paw pad rock. The water was doing strange things to our 14′ long boat and the stern was catching too much current and we got pulled back into the main flow backwards. We tried to turn to now do the straight route but did not have enough room or time for the big 14′ girl  and ended up end pinned with a lot of the front of the boat hung on the rock, at this point I’m thinking the boat could  fold & we’re screwed. By continuing to lean downing we managed to push off the front rock & bounce downstream.

It shows how quickly what you perceive as a simple move can go wrong.

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