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Steve Stilwell
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Had a great time! Thanks again Di for leading. I had Dania mentally prepared to start out on the Hiawassee Friday before moving on to the Nantahala. So, we get there Friday morning and they were not releasing water until Saturday. Di said we would go on to the Nanty. Dania began to get nervous and I assured her it would be fine. She was really uptight when we got there. I put her on below Patton’s Run and all went well from there. She had her very first and only swim and that was at a silly rock in an eddy. I, of course, had her take out above the falls. After her second run she was ready to go again. She now has a much better understanding of how nice it is to have dam release rivers. And why we can’t say we are going to the Saint on a particular future date. Especially when it’s warm weather.

We had a great MWA group on the Ocoee Sunday. I was really impressed with the stellar runs by a few first timers. As much as there is to not like about all the rafts, I had my first positive encounter with one. Our group got tangled up a little at Broken Nose and I ended up stuck in a side surf at the bottom of the third drop. After a short while, along came a raft and knocked me right out of the hole! I gave the raft guide a high five for that one.

Man I love that river!

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