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Dan Prater
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I agree about logistics of community boat will be a bit of a hassle. Im hoping someone will volunteer to be the caretaker of club boat and deal with associated logistics that come with it ‘for the greater good’
Overall members successfully shuffle boats around very regularly, but its happening on text message and fb so you’re not seeing it back there in the 1900s lol 😉

If no one wants to be a caretaker, we are already paying for storage units in fredricktown. Somebody will step up I think. Having a standard operating procedure for the whole process will hopefully minimize required effort by the caretaker.

I learned from Mr Matsuno that in the past MWA did have a club raft for members to borrow- so this isn’t even a new idea, it’s already been done successfully. I think the reward for the community is worth the hassle.

I envision the beater box as a large metal lockable cage like we use on jobsites to secure tools/ material. This will also help facilitate drying of the gear so its not a moldy trunk of neoprene after people return it on their way home. I look at it as anything I donate to the box is gone forever, I’m not looking for it back. Since only members will have access, Im banking on the community doing the right thing as far as returning stuff. Also putting large bold paint or marker on everything will make it less likely for things to walk off. Make it big and bold, I don’t think anyone would be motivated enough to take for use elsewhere. For example -a pfd that says MWA club property/ I’m a beater or whatever if it’s smeared with ugly paint. That’s why Mary writes your name in your underwear, so nobody wants to steal it, and your skidmarks are extra insurance 🙂

I’m hoping the forest service will allow the cage to sit with the hosts, and we move it out when the host leaves for the off-season. Hopefully it gets moved to somewhere close by the river and is still usable, if not then no box for those couple months. I also don’t think the camp hosts need to be involved in checking things in/out, only members have the combination and if it turns out people don’t do the right thing then no more box. That way it’s self sustaining or self terminating. Like one of those little free library or food pantry mailbox kinda. The only host involvement would be adding lost and found items they are already getting.

As far as dependable water on the saint, I’m still working on capturing and training a colony of beavers to build a dam at roselle that will flood VicePrez Devins property but allow for recreational releases. Catching them is going well but the training is not. Im open to suggestions on beaver taming but I know you don’t have any 😉 lollol

I’m loving this discussion. Everything is just ideas so far. We can do the brainstorming here as an ongoing conversation for club business and discuss implementation at the meetings.

Check the forecast, I’m hoping to see your pretty face SOON 😍

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