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Sally Haywood
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Great that there’s enthusiasm for new efforts.
Can we please proceed without disparaging anyone’s volunteer efforts, current or past? Can we keep it positive (or say nothing)?

Hope, as the new MWA board considers ways to invest MWA club resources, they’ll be guided by the club’s mission, “The Missouri Whitewater Association is a public organization which exists to encourage the growth of paddling as a beneficial recreational sport and a recognized competitive sport, to teach paddling skills, river safety techniques, first aid, and outfitting, to sponsor river trips and other outdoor activities, and to educate club members and the general public about the sport and about river conservation.”

I don’t see how the acquisition of expensive boats sufficiently advances the mission to merit the investment. If folks want to donate more boats, great. OR partner with retailers to allow people to try out boats (e.g. like NOC rents gear).

I and many others are passionate about creating more training opportunities.
Years ago we had tried to advance a mentorship initiative for MWA members to partner with new Team River Runner veteran boaters.
Eager to be a part of considering new training options.

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