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Results compiled by Scorebore #1, with proofing by Scorebore #2.

62 Racers, 2 registrants withdrew or did-not-show. We didn’t have to limit the number of registrants this year, as we were a few short of last year, plus several folks were Downriver only, and that didn’t add to the Saturday Slalom list.

I hope everyone got in all your runs – we ran out of racers, not time, on both Saturday & Sunday. If you didn’t get your 3rd or 4th run in, you weren’t hustling back to the start!

The Race Committee would appreciate ANY comments (good or bad) from the Racers, Volunteers, or general Whitewater Community. Post them, message me, or email your comments. We have a Race Wrapup meeting next Wednesday, so get those comments in soon.

We’d especially like any comments on the changes we made to the order of racing this year! Good or bad? If you didn’t like it, let us know – or it may be the future standard!!

Anything else? T-shirts, judging, safety, TP in the potties (too soft? too rough?), banquet, on-line registration, weather & water? Our lines are open!

See you next year, and SYOTR!

– jw

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