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jeff clawges
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Conservation committee stuff.
Mark Wehking and I went to the wrap up meeting for Operation Clean Stream 2022.
First thing is a huge thank to all the volunteers that came out and have come out for years. Thank you all so much your work matters. And thank you Mark for leading this trip for all these years.
Some fun facts we learned yesterday were
There was 180 cubic yards of trash picked up equal to 4540 yard dumpsters.
842 tires
5,000 lbs of metal
All this done by 1082 volunteers with 360 boats. What a great event!
The MWA has its own Stream Team unit #6414. I encourage you to join. I’ll have info at the picnic. Talk to me about it. It’s kind of like a cult 😁 Pull your first tire out of the river and you’ll be hooked.
Thanks for listening – SYOTR

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