Mark Hromnak | Running for Vice President

Dear MWA Members,

  • Current MWA Vice President (2 years)
  • MWA member in good standing – for eight consecutive years.
  • Liaison between MWA and Mehlville School District (MSD) kayaking classes for the last 8 years – ensuring a positive relationship between the MWA and MSD.
  • Certified White Water Kayaking Instructor. In 2022 I taught 230 high school students in our Introduction to White Water Kayaking class at the Mehlville High School pool. In 2023 I taught 260 high school students.
  • Logging my instructional hours into the ACA course management system along with all other MWA member kayaking instructors lead the club to a first-place finish nationwide in 2023 for the most instructional hours by a Paddling Club. The club received a $500 check for this accomplishment. The MWA came in 2nd place nationwide in 2022.
  • Annual participant in the MWA Clinic.
  • Worked at the MWA Clinic as a safety boater for two years; then an instructor, for the last two years.
  • Hosted and took part in the Annual MWA Pool Slalom races at the Mehlville pool, three years running.
  • Help set up and break down gates at SLU Pool Slalom.
  • Volunteer to set up and take down gates for the Annual MWA Whitewater Championships and helped during the race for the last eight years.
  • Responsible for the organization and tracking of the MWA boats, paddles, skirts and float bags.
  • Strive to keep a safe, family friendly environment in all MWA activities I oversee.

Thank you for your consideration,
Mark Hromnak