Katie Leeker | Running for Secretary

Hi, I’m Katie Leeker, the current Missouri Whitewater Association secretary. I’ve been involved with the MWA for about 4 years. A few of the things I’ve been involved with are stream team clean ups, race volunteer, pool classes/141 moving water practice, Wilderness first aid training, picnic/float organizer, Spring River Arkansas trips, 2022-23 secretary. I have enjoyed getting to know the club & have made great friends along the way. The MWA fosters a unique & diverse group who come together for the love of paddling.

  On a personal note: I’m from St. Louis, am married to Jeff Leeker & we have an 11-year-old son, Oliver. We all like paddling and have enjoyed getting more involved with the kids/family paddling scene. I asked Oliver what I should say about myself, and he said, “you’re weird and sometimes goofy” which is true. I’m easily distracted by rocks, plants, animals, a cool looking cloud…… I enjoy long walks on the beach and sunsets too.

 I’ll be a good secretary because I enjoy listening and taking notes. So far as secretary, I’ve been taking notes & minutes at the MWA meetings. I plan to step up my game and fulfill my past goals as secretary. I intend to share the notes with MWA club members & get input on what information will be most helpful. My intent is to increase MWA members’ personal investment in the club by keeping them in the loop with meeting topics, activities & needs. I’ll keep an open mind with the new board and use my experience to benefit the club.