Dan Prater | Running for President

As an engaged and committed local paddler for over 10 years, I pledge to actively champion and elevate MWA by collaborating with other paddling organizations nationwide – a task I’m not unfamiliar with. Just as I have been, I will continue to have a proactive presence at the river, diligently working to inspire and cultivate paddlers of various skill level, and ensuring a fun and safe experience for Missouri paddlers.

Through spearheading initiatives, such as cleanups and debris removal on The Saint, my goal has consistently been to foster an exciting and safe paddling environment. My established track record underscores my dedication and unwavering commitment, qualities that will be reflected in my transparent communication practices.

As MWA President, I want to encourage autonomy for our various committees to ensure proper safety trainings, skills clinics, and trips are run with efficiency and fun. I offer my solemn assurance that my focus will remain resolutely on the interests and welfare of the boating community and the act of boating itself. Let’s take our club out of the eddy, and into the flow!

By the boaters, for the boaters!